Christmas, The Movie available on Amazon and Kindle

Christmas, The Movie

51ffethi5zl__sx331_bo1204203200_Alex Atkins, an ambitious writer would rather skip the holiday season than work on one of the cookie-cutter Christmas movies her network makes every year. All they do is remind her that she has nobody to share the holiday with. Alex’s attitude toward the movies changes when she is asked to step in and rewrite the network’s next big Christmas movie. Her dream of being published will come true if she can get it finished in time. Her plans to seclude herself in her father’s mountain cabin to work derail when her car skids off the road, and she is stranded in a ski village. Alex soon finds herself surrounded by holiday cheer, the town’s handsome doctor, his charming son, and of course, his scheming ex-wife who wants him back. When Alex realizes that her time in this town is turning into her own real life Christmas movie, she’ll need to decide if she wants her own happy ending, or if she needs to re-write her life as well…


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