The Ghost From Nowhere

The Ghost From Nowhere has been released!


The Ghost From Nowhere will be released December 8, 2016 on Amazon and through Snow Leopard Publishing (click below to buy through Snow Leopard)

Available on Amazon!

Available December 8, 2016 at Snow Leopard Publishing


The Ghost From Nowhere is a story set in the small town of Port Gamble, Washington.  Told from the dual point of view of Cass the ghost and Ivy, a sensitive who can see and commuicate with the dead, The Ghost From Nowhere dives into the world of the paranormal, and takes you into the place between our world and the afterlife, where spirits roam until they fulfill whatever purpose is keeping them tied to this life.

This story has a good mystery mixed with romance and colorful characters, both living and dead.  .

-As always, live, laugh, and tell your story!


Seventeen-year old Cass is dead and wants to know why.

Cass never planned to get stuck in Port Gamble, the most haunted town in Washington. He also never planned to be a lost ghost who can’t remember his life or death, although he has a feeling he was murdered. Then he meets Ivy, a sensitive who can see and hear the dead, and who can help him cross over.

If Cass has a chance to move on into the afterlife, he must remember who he was, solve his murder, and do whatever it takes not to fall for the girl who can see the dead.

Snow leopard Publishing b75b72_ff34d07fd0ad4a398657df968b005136


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